A:  Foundations and Basic Commitments
AD Educational Philosophy
AFE Evaluation of Instructional Programs
Section B:  School Board Governance and Operations
School Committee Bylaws
BBF School Committee Members Ethics
BDE Recognition of Delegates
BG (GBD) Board – Staff Communications
BHD Board Member Compensation and Expenses
BHE Board Member Insurance
Section C:  General School Administration
CBA Qualifications and Duties of Superintendent
CM School District Annual Report
Section D:  Fiscal Management
DBC Budget Deadlines and Schedules
DJA Purchasing Authority
DJC Award of Contracts
DJF Purchasing Procedures
DK Payment Procedures
DL Miscellaneous Revenue
Section E:  Support Services
EBCB Fire Drills
ECBA Energy Conservation Policy
EF Food Services Management
EFB Free and Reduced Price Food Services
Section F:  Facilities Development
FB/FBC Program Accessibility
Section G:  Personnel
GBA Affirmative Action-Equal Opportunity Employment
GBAB Code of Conduct – Staff/Student Relationships
GBAC Social Media Policy
GBBB Educator Code of Professional Responsibility
GBCA Staff Conflicts of Interest
GBCC Drug-Free Workplace
GBCD Sexual Harassment
GBE AIDS-Personnel
GBEB Bloodborne Pathogens
GBJB Access to Personnel Files
GBK Use of Tobacco Products on School Premises
GBN Criminal Identification Records Policy
GCA-A Professional Staff Positions
GCA-B-R Professional Staff Positions
GCA-C Professional Staff Position – Non-certified
GCD Professional & Support Staff Hiring
GCEA-A Extracurricular Activities
GCG Tenure Policy
GDE Special Education Staffing Policy
Anti-Discrimination/Anti Harassment Policy (Policy
JA in Section J Students)



Section I:  Instruction
IGBH Alternative School Programs
IGBJ Educational Services in Accordance with Section 504 of the
Rehabilitation Act of 1973
IGBK Program for English Language Learners
IGD Co-curricular and Interscholastic Programs
IGDG Student Activities Funds Management
IGDG-R Student Activities Funds Management
IIAA Textbook Selection and Adoption
IIAC Library Materials Selection
IJND Technology Resources – Computer and Internet Acceptable Use
IKD Honor Roll
IK/IKEC Promotion and Retention of Students
IK/IKF Proficiency Based Graduation Requirements
INA Teaching Methods
Section J:  Students
JA Anti-Discrimination/Anti Harassment Policy
JB Title IX
JC School Attendance Areas
JD Administration of Naloxone (NARCAN)
JEBB Kindergarten/First Grade Admission Policy
JECB JECB Student Attendance Admittance of Non-Resident Students – 11/13/2017
JFC-R Student Behavior Code
JFCJ Weapons and Violence in School
JHCC AIDS – Students
JHCCC Critical School Emergencies
JHC-R Student Health Services & Requirements
JHFA Supervision of Students – Child Abuse/Neglect
JI Student Awards and Scholarships
JJH Student Travel – Field Trip Policy
JL Students Gifts and Solicitations
JM JM Gender Identity and Gender Expansive Students Policy
JOA Student Records Access
JOA-B Requests for Lists and Addresses of Pupils
JOA-R Student Records Access
JOC Information on Missing Persons
JP Photographing of Pupils, Teachers or School Activities
JQ Student Lockers and Locks
JR Students Search and Seizure
JS Home Schooling Policy
JT Bullying Policy
JT-A School Response to Bullying, Teen Dating Violence & Sexual
JU Health & Wellness Policy
JV Peanut and Tree Nut Allergy Policy
JW Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
JX Athletic Policy Updated 7 17 17
JY Use of Tobacco Products on School Premises
JZ Dual Enrollment Program Policy
Section K:  School Community Relations
KAA Parent Involvement Policy
KB Public Information Program – Interviews, Soliciting,
Canvassing of Pupils or Teachers
KC Background Checks for School Volunteers
KFA Special Interest Materials (Addresses/Advertising to Pupils)
KG Replaces current versions – effective July 1, 2016
Community Use of School Facilities        Use of School Facilities FAQApplication for Field Use             Application for Building Use
KG-1 Naming School Facilities
KH Fundraising & Commercial Activity
KMF Relations with Private Social Service Organizations
KMI Relations with Political Organizations
KMK Relations with Junior Red Cross